Project Goals:

The project is called sMart fArming with dRoneS (MARS) and its main goals are:

The development of real-time telematics monitoring/inspection applications for agricultural crops using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs).

The integration of agricultural information collected by UAVs and WSNs into Geographical Information System (GIS) and cloud infrastructure for their immediate access and processing.

The early detection and diagnosis of early stages of disease in trees and plants for targeted treatment and faster recovery of affected species using novel machine learning and computer vision methods.

The integration of MARS architecture subsystems into an integrated control, management, and alerting system using user-friendly mobile applications.

The pilot demonstrations of the integrated real-time agricultural protection system in the Velvento Cooperative (ASEPOP) fruit growers, and Grevena Agricultural Cooperative (ACG) legumes, cereals and tobacco crops.

The reduction of the cost production and supervision of farms by implementing and operating the proposed integrated MARS management system.

The reduction of the volume of plant protection products applied and consequentially decrease the expenses of the farmer and also protect the environment.

The reinforcement of the Region of Western Macedonia, which includes ASEPOP and ACG crops, as a model for the implementation of Smart Farming and Precision Agriculture.

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