About the University of Western Macedonia:

The University of Western Macedonia (UOWM) and in particular the Laboratory of Internet of Things and Applications (LITA) of Electrical and Computer Engineering will carry out the project. Laboratory’s mission is to conduct multidisciplinary research and innovation in the area of Internet of Things and Applications with emphasis on smart systems and networks for the monitoring, control, management and security of critical infrastructures.

The Laboratory’s application domains include large-scale complex systems such as Smart Agriculture, Smart Energy Networks, IoT applications for 5G, Big Data Management, Wireless Sensors Networks, Networks and Telecommunication Systems, Security for IoT, Unmanned Aircrafts, Smart Homes, Smart Cities, Distributed Wireless Networks, 4G and 5G technologies, Automation and Robotics Technologies.

About the Technical University of Crete:

The ELKE / TUC team is involved in the Digital Signal and Image Processing Laboratory with Professor Michalis Zervakis. The Laboratory supports the undergraduate courses of the ‘Digital Signal Processing’, ‘Digital Image Processing’, ‘Mechanical Vision’ and the ‘Pattern Recognition’ postgraduate course at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The research interest in the Display Lab is centered around the areas of Digital Signal Processing (Fourier transform, z transform, filters, sampling, etc.), Digital Image Processing, color reconstruction, image reconstruction with algebraic and stochastic methods, filters, compression) and pattern recognition (clustering, classification, neural systems). The laboratory, through Professor M. Zervakis, has been involved and collaborating continuously since 1997, either as a coordinator or as a partner, with many national and international public and private bodies in the context of research and development projects in the areas of signal processing and image, telecommunication systems, surveillance and environmental monitoring applications, data processing and analysis with modern stochastic and machine learning techniques .

About AgroSense:

AgroSense is a relatively young but pioneering company in developing and delivering technologically advanced, innovative Wireless Sensor and IoT solutions with a focus on agri-food applications and in particular precision farming and food monitoring.

AgroSense has substantially documented experience in implementing and delivering innovative remote data management solutions related to agriculture (including agronomic, meteorological, environmental, soil). Cooperates with private and public bodies (exemplary Region of Western Macedonia, Agricultural Cooperatives).

AgroSense was created in 2014 with a vision to harness, enhance and promote the international trend for the use of state-of-the-art telemetry technologies in the agri-food sector and in particular in precision agriculture. Thanks to its patented algorithms, it offers competitive products of its own, with a strong know-how advantage.

About GeoSense:

GeoSense was founded in 2002 and through a network of experienced collaborators, consultants and experts, is involved in the marketing of UAV / UAS (Drones), robotic systems, GPS / GNSS receivers, Surveying & Measuring Equipment, Laser Scanners, Scanners, Scanners, specialized Technical Software and in general applications and solutions in the field of Geoinformatics. It also provides technical-scientific support and specialized services in all kinds of studies and projects related to all the above subjects through its Research and Technology department.

The human resources of the company consist of people with deep knowledge of the subject, with postgraduate degrees and years of experience, as well as specialized associates in programming, telematics, GIS and geoinformatics. In addition, the company has entered into partnerships with Greek and foreign companies to complete its product range.

The company owns and operates two online stores, e-GEOSENSE, at the address and MADCOW, at the address where all transactions comply with the global standard for the protection of consumer information and are covered by most modern security standards.

GeoSense is certified and applies a quality assurance system according to the standard ΕΛΟΤ ΕΝ ISO 9001:2015 & EN 14001:2015

About ASEPOP Velvento:

ASEPOP VELVENTOU owns a Geotechnical department that can fully support the needs of the project and take immediate actions in issues of agricultural nature that may arise in the existing educational project.

About the Grevena Agricultural Cooperative:

Grevena Agricultural Cooperative operates activities covering the whole range of production of any plant or agricultural product such as processing and marketing of agricultural consumer, livestock products, supply and marketing of agricultural supplies, as well as manufacturing, supplying and marketing through agricultural production. It also provides services to breeders for animal breeding programs, indigenous breeding and rescue programs. Grevena Agricultural Cooperative has been involved in a research program for 3 years in collaboration with the University of Thessaly and the Prefecture of Stevia Cultivation and the prospects for its development in the region of Grevena.

Also, the Cooperative participated in the Rural Development Program 2007-2013 "Alexandros Baltatzis" of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food on Axis 2, Measure 214, Action 3.4 "Conservation of genetic resources in livestock farming" with the project "Collection – keeping of genealogy data of animals and establishment – preservation of genealogical books and registries of the Greek Equine Species Pindos breed".

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