Work Package 1

Deliverable 1.1: Analysis of Plant Protection and Tree Protection Requirements

Deliverable 1.1 includes the analysis of plant protection and tree protection requirements.

Deliverable 1.2: Technical Requirements in the Software and Hardware of UAVs

Deliverable 1.2 includes the technical software and hardware requirements of UAVs.

eliverable 1.3: Mars technical reference and experiment requirements guide

Deliverable 1.3 includes the technical reference of the MARS architecture and an experiment requirements guide.

Deliverable 1.4: Technical and Administrative Risk Management and Management Plan

Deliverable 1.4 includes the technical and administrative risk management and management plan.

Deliverable 1.5: Evaluation Report by Internal Partners

Deliverable 1.5 includes the evaluation report by internal partners.

Deliverable 1.6: MARS website

Deliverable 1.6 includes the MARS website.

Deliverable 1.7: MARS Annual Report

Deliverable 1.7 includes the mars annual activity report.

Deliverable 1.8: Two-year MARS Report

Deliverable 1.8 includes the two-year report on MARS' activities.

Deliverable 1.9: Mars Final Report

Deliverable 1.9 includes the Final report on MARS' activities.

Deliverable 1.10: Techno-economic Analysis (technical reference)

The aim of the deliverable is to record the techno-economic analysis of MARS' activities.

Deliverable 1.11: Market Analysis and Commercial Exploitation Plan (technical reference)

The aim is to present the actions for understanding the agricultural market in Greece, to analyze the factors that MARS will affect, and to give the business plan to exploit the results.

Deliverable 1.12: List of Published Work in Scientific Journals and Conferences

Deliverable 1.12 includes the list of scientific publications in international journals with evaluation or in international peer-reviewed conferences resulting from ACTION. There are 15 publications in scientific journals or scientific conferences with reviewers. The work in scientific journals will be free of charge (open access) as a public knowledge repository.

Work Package 2

Deliverable 2.1: Environmental Mapping Methods

It includes evaluating environmental mapping methods for the definition and implementation of the proposed method.

Deliverable 2.2: 3D Soil Model Production Techniques (technical reference)

It concerns the evaluation of the production techniques of three-dimensional soil models to monitor crops' growth and detect possible diseases.

Deliverable 2.3: Methods of Digital Image Processing and Analysis (technical reference)

It includes evaluating methods of digital processing and analysis of images to improve their quality and correcting defects due to ambient noise or equipment failure.

Deliverable 2.4: Computational Vision Methods (technical reference)

Technical report for the evaluation of appropriate computer vision methods for the fragmentation of the images taken by the UAVs into areas of interest, combining various image characteristics such as hue, texture, brightness, edges, and morphology.

Work Package 3

Deliverable 3.1: Crop Visualization Methods (technical reference)

Deliverable A.3.1 includes methods of visualization of crops.

Deliverable 3.2: Interface and Imaging Methods (technical reference)

Deliverable D.3.2 includes interconnection methods and visualization of crop remote sensing results with Google Maps and GIS systems.

Deliverable 3.3: Telematics Applications and Sensors Guide (technical reference)

The deliverable D.3.3 is a guide to the telematic applications (e.g.) supported by the MARS architecture. The guide also includes the technical characteristics (configuration, topological installation, etc.) of the wireless sensors installed on the crops.

Deliverable 3.4: Phytopathological Infestation Assessment Guide (technical reference)

The deliverable A.3.4 is a guide for evaluating phytopathological infestations related to the crops under the study of ASEPOP and RCM by analyzing basic evaluation metrics.

Deliverable 3.5: List of Machine Learning Schemes (technical reference)

Deliverable D.3.5 refers to the list of machine learning schemes and algorithms (neural networks, markov chains, etc.) that will be used to optimize the evaluation of results regarding detecting phytopathological attacks.

Work Package 4

Deliverable 4.1: Total Equipment User Manual (technical reference)

User manual of the total equipment to be used in the experimental applications.

Deliverable 4.2: UAV Libraries (software)

Deliverable A.4.2 refers to the customized UAV libraries that will be used in D.4.2 for the control and programming of UAVs.

Deliverable 4.3: MARS Architecture Guide (technical reference)

The deliverable A.4.3 refers to the guide of the integrated MARS architecture, which includes all the necessary subsystems and project entities as well as the way they are interconnected.

Deliverable 4.4: UAV User Manual (technical reference)

Deliverable D.4.4 refers to the guide to the use of UAVs as part of the experiments that will take place in the WP5.

Deliverable 4.5: Simulation Results (technical reference)

Deliverable D.4.5 refers to the simulation results of D.4.5. evaluating the results as a guide for WP5 experiments.

Work Package 5

Deliverable 5.1: Plan and Steps for the Execution of Experiments in Grevena

The plan and the detailed steps for the execution of the survey experiments in the area of Grevena are included in deliverable D.5.1. Indicative crops will be selected by the RCM for the experimental demonstration of plant protection. D.5.1 is completed in the month of M36 (RCM).

Deliverable 5.2: Plan and Steps of Execution of Experiments in Velvento

The plan and the detailed steps for the execution of the survey experiments in the area of Velventos are included in deliverable D.5.2. Indicative crops will be selected by ASEPOP for the experimental demonstration of tree protection. D.5.2 is completed in the month of M36 (ASEPOP).

Deliverable 5.3: Published Results Validation Project

Published work in scientific articles and scientific conferences in the framework of MARS. The deliverable D.5.3 is delivered to the month M36 (UOWM).

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